Signal Processing Research Laboratory

In the SPRL we develop groundbreaking signal processing algorithms that are applied in interdisciplinary areas such as biomedicine, communication systems and multimedia. The lab is equipped with 6 high speed workstations, 4 Xilinx Virtex-6 Xtreme DSP boards (ML-605), 5 Xilinx Vitrex-5 Xtreme DSP boards (ML-506). We also  have access to the College of Engineering high performance computer cluster for multi-core and multi-task computations.

Area of Research:

Digital and Statistical Signal Processing, Graph Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Brain Connectivity Analysis, Applied Mathematics,


  • Ashkan Ashrafi (Director)

Current Students:

  • Mark Blair (MS Student) Circuit-Inspired Graph Learning.
  • Joshua Stein (MS Student)

Previous Students:


  1. Siddhi Tavildar: Dissertation: Graph Signal Processing Applications in Brain Connectivity Analysis.


  1. Sudheep Thota, (2008), Currently at: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
  2. Vishal R. Jain,   (2009), Current at: MercatorLtd., India
  3. Nivedita Sreenivasamurthy, M.S.E. (2009), Currently at: Netflix, Los Gatos, CA
  4. Nathan Fuhrer,  (2010), Currently at: Northrop Grumman, San Diego CA
  5. Weiwei Zheng,  (2010), Currently at: KuCoin Exchange, China
  6. Praveen K. Chaurasiya,  (2010), Currently at: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
  7. Amith Dharwarkar,  (2010), Currently at: NXP Semiconductors, San Diego, CA
  8. Shivashekar Murali Shankar,  (2011), Currently at: Intel, Folsom, CA
  9. Deepa Magge Sampathu,  (2011), Currently at: Cadence, San Diego, CA
  10. Anil Garhwal,  (2011), Currently at: CommScope, San Diego, CA
  11. Eric Nunziato,  (2012), Currently at: Accenture, San Diego, CA
  12. Akshay Hebbal, (2013), Currently at: Ooma, Inc., San Jose, CA
  13. Siddhi Tavildar,  (2014), Currently at: Nuvasive Inc., San Diego, CA
  14. Michael Martiniz, Ph.D.  (MSEE 2016), Research Scientist at Duke University
  15. Srilakshmi Alla,  (2018), Currently at: physIQ, Apex, NC
  16. Rohan Rohilla,  (2019), Currently at: Bose, Framingham, MA
  17. Danny Toma,  (2019), Currently at: Northrop Grumman, San Diego, CA
  18. Connor Sperling  (2020), Currently at MaxLinear, San Diego, CA.
  19. Colin Fera,  (2021): Currently at NAVWAR, San Diego, CA
  20. Neal Bussett,  (2021): Currently at Northrop Grumman, San Diego, CA
  21. Justin Galioto, (2022): Currently at AppLovin, San Diego, CA
  22. Kyle Donoghue (2024): Currently at SpaceX, Los Angeles, CA